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The Newborn Girl Clothing Problem

At birth, and even for the first couple years of life, it can be hard to tell girls and boys apart from one another. That’s not such a big deal for the parents at home, because they know what their children are.
girl in a baby onesieBut when they go out, they may have strangers asking them whether they have a boy or girl or guessing the wrong gender for the baby. That can be frustrating and annoying for parents, and if they want to avoid this and similar problems, then they may want to do something to identify their baby’s gender.
Putting dresses on the baby is not always a viable option. Many times, the parents will put the cutest newborn girl clothes on their child, only for the child to mess them up shortly thereafter. Then the parents have to change them into something else that perhaps isn’t as pretty or as girly.
Also, dressing a newborn in elegant dresses and cute skirts may sound fine in principle, but it many not be quite so simple in practice. It can take a lot of work to get them into the outfits parents want them to wear, and parents may instead opt for something that has more of a unisex look to it. Rompers, pants and a tee or onesies are often easoer to put on the baby than a dress, and parents may go for the easier choice, even if it looks less feminine.
What they may want to do instead of going for something complicated to just use some simple accessories. A hair band, pink hat or other immediately obvious item of girly clothing or accessory will work just as well as any dress or skirt to immediately identify the child as a girl.
Parents can also shop specifically for newborn girl clothes that have very feminine looks to them. They can go on a site like newborn girl clothes and find clothes that are pink, have cute prints or have feminine messages on them. These can be simple rompers and onesies as well, so while the form may be unisex, the aesthetic definitely won’t be. There are simple solutions to the gender identity problem, and parents looking to make it obvious that they have a little girl should move beyond the idea of dresses and skirts and finding something a bit easier to handle at times.

What Is Child Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime that has existed for a while, but with computer technology it has gotten easier for criminals to get personal information. Most people concentrate on protecting their own personal information, but one area that can be overlooked is their children’s personal information. This can go on for months as adults may find out about identity theft when applying for a new credit card or utilizing their financial information in another manner, but the same is not true for children.

There are several scenarios where children’s information can be compromised which will have a big impact on their financial future if not dealt with early on. One is that an unauthorized family member has used the child’s blank financials to set up an account for themselves. They were able to get the information as it was not secured in the home or had access to it previously. Another is that a hacker or another criminal was able to obtain personal information to create a new identity. This could be for the purpose of purchasing items or even creating an identity to sell. They could have hacked the information from a personal computer, found it in the trash if not shredded, or through a break in. No matter the breach it can be detrimental for the child when it comes time to get loans for college, buy their first car and other financial milestones.

It would seem to some people that a child’s age would be a red flag for companies when issuing credit based on a more recent social security number, but many companies do not check the age of the applicant. Credit reporting agencies also do not check the age of the person but rely on the information provided to them about the person unless a dispute is filed. Making it highly important for parents to check that their children’s personal information has not been accessed by any unauthorized users. Some people may feel as though they should put this off because it might be expensive, but it does not have to be. The United States government has created a website that allows for everyone to have access to a yearly free credit report. There is a charge for accessing credit scores, but this is not necessary for younger children that are not working at their first job or have their first credit card account.

Find a problem with your child’s credit report? Take action now. The fact sheet located at https://www.stopidentityfraud.org/credit-monitoring-services/ from Stop Identity Fraud has recommendations for quality credit monitoring companies that can help prevent child identity theft damage, should it occur. . It may take some time to go through the right channels to clear up the credit report, but it is vital in parenting to provide a child with a unmarked future that allows them to make their own financial decisions without having to pay for the mistakes of someone else.

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