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Best Essential Oils for Eczema


eczemaEczema is the overarching term for a number of different skin conditions. It can occur all over the body but often in very noticeable places like the face and neck. It affects people of all ages and genders and anyone who’s suffered from it knows the negative effect it can have on daily life.

The exact cause of eczema remains unknown. It’s thought to be part of the body’s response to an irritant and It’s more common in families with a history of allergies and reactions.

Eczema comes in various forms and can be quite mild or severe. The common symptoms are redness, irritation and itchy skin which is very dry. It doesn’t spread from person to person but can spread across the body from the face down to the neck and other extremities.

Eczema can have a real impact on your self esteem and make you self conscious about how you look. It’s something you want to get rid of as quickly and simply as possible, and essential oils have been made to do just that.

Essential Oils to Treat Eczema

In recent years there has been a real change in attitude towards home remedies. More people are looking for alternatives to common medicines and something they can add to their routine.

Essential oils are made from natural ingredients which avoids some harmful side effects that come with over the counter medicines. They’ve been shown to be effective on a range of day to day problems, but specifically to reduce soreness and irritation of eczema. With continued use they can help reduce the symptoms and help prevent the condition all together.

While topical treatments and medicines have been shown to help those who suffer from eczema often essential oils can have a similar effect at a fraction of the price. They’re readily accessible and worth trying.

Key Ingredients

With essential oils being so popular there are a large number available on the market to choose from. Finding the best ones for you and the most effective to treat your eczema is essential. We’ve identified some of the key ingredients and extracts you should look out for in essential oils and blends.

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrots are plentiful across the globe, originating in Asia over 500 years ago. The extract is taken from the seed and has high levels of vitamin A and carotene which are used in almost every skin care product. This means they help with the toning and regeneration of skin cells, while moisturising the top layer. The carrot seed oil is perfect for improving your skin’s health and combating skin conditions like eczema.

Chamomile oil is extracted from a flower and is known for it’s sweet and pleasant scent. It’s associated with calming and relaxing energies and used all over the body. Chamomile is specifically useful in skin care because it helps soothe the symptoms of eczema and moisturise the layers of skin, helping prevent future outbreaks.

Bergamot has a floral scent that isn’t overpowering. It contains high levels of vitamin A which is useful for skin health, combined with citric acid. This makes it great for killing bacteria, soothing inflammation and reducing the soreness of eczema.

These ingredients are all especially useful for skin care and what you should look for in essential oils.

The Best Essential Oils for Eczema

There are a lot of essential oils available for eczema but you can’t go wrong if you find something that includes these key ingredients listed. For all the information and a complete list check out the:
Best Essential Oils for Eczema

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